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What Others Are Trading – October 2009

Posted by mounddweller on October 2, 2009


Here’s your monthly post in which you can respond with your own picks and comments.


4 Responses to “What Others Are Trading – October 2009”

  1. Rich said

    I bought 100 shares of URE @ 5.44 and sold to open 1 Nov 6 contract for .40 this gives me a gain of 5.7% if OTM at expiration or 11.5% if ITM and assigned at Nov expiration. good return for about 7 weeks.

  2. Rich said

    I rolled my Alcoa ( AA ) Oct 12.50 call forward to the Jan 12.50 call for a net additonal gain of 4%. this gives me an 11% gain for this leg since Aug and overall my Alcoa scorecard has an 87% gain since Dec 2008. I was thinking of letting the shares get called away this friday at expiration but figured the stock has been a good covered call option, giving me an avg 8.7% gain per month. I might as well keep milking all I can out of it until its finally assigned.

  3. Rich said

    Oct 14 – I had my PWE Dec 12.50 contract assigned early today for a net gain of 109% for three months. I then bought 100 PWE @ 16.37 and sold the NOV 17.50 contract for .25 This will give me a gain of 1.3% if it expires or 6.1% if it is assigned. (note: gains include monthly dividends of approx $11 )

  4. Rich said

    I had a UYG Oct 6 covered call option in two separate accounts. both closed friday slightly in the money so both will be called. I’ll get the officaial results on Monday.

    one option was written in Sep and was called with a net gain of 103.34%

    the other was written in Aug for a two month gain of 105.86%

    both meet my annual goal of 20% or more

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