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What Others are Trading – November 2009

Posted by mounddweller on November 3, 2009

OK guys.  Once again here’s your chance to let the world know what your current picks are.  Rich sure would like to see someone besides himself post a pick.

5 Responses to “What Others are Trading – November 2009”

  1. Rich said

    Not much going on with my portfolios this month so far. I have the following contracts in place with Nov expirations?

    URE Nov 5 naked put
    URE Nov 6 covered call
    DRYS Nov 8 covered call

    I also had a URE Nov 6 naked put which I BTC today. With URE pulling back I didn’t want to be assigned at 6. Will save that cash at risk to enter a better trade when the market moves up again. I am going to try and follow the 102030 moving avg rule to better time my naked put contracts. I have been trading the URE 2X ETF for almost a year now in two accounts. In an IRA my scorecard shows a 25% gain for 11 months and in an Options account I have a 10 month 35.8% gain in that scorecard.

    Seems DEC will be a busy month, I have about 10 contracts with Dec expirations. If the market should give us a Santa rally I may be rolling those contracts in Nov business to if I can increase my gains.


  2. Rich said

    Late entry – Trade from Nov 5th

    I sold 2 URE Dec 5 Naked Puts @ .35 for a net of $60.48

    I intend to follow the 10 20 30 rule for this 2X ETF.

  3. Rich said

    I bought 100 PWE back on Oct 14 for 16.44 and then sold a Nov 17.50 call. Today the stock is trading at about 18.13 so I BTC the Nov 17.50 call and will monitor the stock using the 10-20-30 rule and sell a covered call when the rule gives me a signal to do so. My intent is to use the rule to avoid assignment and continue to collect the monthly dividends and continue to lower my net cost.

  4. Tom said

    I just opened a buy/write on CBI. Position is long at 17.75 and short 3 contracts struck at in the money at 17.50 Potential 4.8% return over the next 3 weeks. CBI has recently been awarded a few nice refinery contracts. The stock has had a slight pullback after its rise after reporting earnings .04 above consensus earlier this month.

    • mounddweller said


      Welcome to the blog. I appreciate your post. Can you tell me and my other readers a little about your approach to finding and trading covered calls? What do you look for in a trade?


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