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What Others are Trading – April 2010

Posted by mounddweller on April 2, 2010

Here’s your chance to let everyone know about your winners and losers and what you learned in the process. Many thanks to the brave souls who have been posting their trades this past month. We’ve had several new participants. Keep them coming!

13 Responses to “What Others are Trading – April 2010”

  1. Irene said

    500 drys Dryships
    Short 5 drys May 6.00 calls
    100 shares Rim on toronto exchange
    I bought back one call apr 1st, will sell one when price >
    800 GME
    Short 8 calls Jul 20.00
    4200 shares PRGN paragon shipping
    Short 42 calls Sep 5.00
    1100 shares S sprint
    short 11 calls May 4.00
    Short 2 puts EXE 42.50 May Exelon
    Short 2 puts Mygn april 24.00 Myriad Genetics

    • Irene said
      sto 1 apr 70 call @ 1.52 apr 7 + 141.05
      btc 1 apr 70 call @ 3.45 april 16 -355.95
      sto 1 may 70 call @ 4.75 ” +464.05
      breakeven cost per share 62.03 +$784 if assigned
      (bought rim in jan)
      btc 2 mygn apr 24 puts @ 1.15 apr 12 -241.95
      sto 2 mygn may 24 puts @ 1.85 apr 12 +385.05

  2. mounddweller said


    I tried to sell the EXE MAY $42.50s as well. The market ran away from me so I wasn’t able to get the price I wanted.


    • Irene said

      I sold the 2 puts on Exelon EXC on mar 26th at 1.15 when price was 43.24 ($218.05)
      if assigned cost is 41.48 and effective yield is 5.06% (div)

  3. Rich said

    INTEL scorecard

    on 4/1 I sold one INTC Jul 19 for .26

    19 is still the 80 day support for INTC. I also have an Apr 19 that will expire, hopefully out of the money this month. When that happens I’ll take a look at adding a Jun rung in my ladder or go out past Jul. I feel comfortable selling puts at the 80 day support.

    Alcoa scorecard

    On 4/1 I sold one AA Apr 14 for .30 I took a chance on this and I’m hoping that AA will stay above 14 thru Apr expire. If it pulls back I will have to roll it out. Otherwise if it expires out of the money I’ll take a look at whats available in Jun or July. The 80 day support for AA is around 13.

    • Rich said

      Well, Murphy’s Law seems to be working against me. Alcoa reported earnings less than what the market was expecting. Actually its closing price has been moving down for the last 6 sessions. I was hoping to have my Apr 14 PUT expire out of the money but if the price closes below 14 prior to friday expire I will roll out to the next month I can add somemore premium to my scorecard.

      • Rich said

        Alcoa dropped below 14 this morning so instead of having to watch my account all day I rolled it forward. Its too nice of a day to sit in front of my computer. So here are the numbers:

        BTC Apr 14 put @ .06 and STO May 14 put @ .53 which resulted in a net gain of $37.50 after commissions

  4. Irene said

    Citigroup C (gamble)

    — In, “iscott101”
    > *^ C ^*
    > Bought 40 Sep 4.00 calls @.88 (april 16 Friday)
    > Cost $3,569.95
    > *^*^*^*^*^

    Sold on April 19th Monday @ 1.06
    Profit after expenses: $620.10
    up 17.4% in 3 days

  5. Rich said

    URE scorecard update

    I got a surprise last week when I noticed that my 200 shares of URE dropped to 40 and the price went from 8 something to about 43. Proshares did a 5 to 1 reverse split. My April 7 call was assigned on friday so now I’m down to 20 shares with a Jun 7 covered call and a Jun 6 put. Its over 40 a share right now and thats too pricey for my small margin account. I will buy back the put and then keep an eye on the call. The way I got it figured, if the stock remains above 35 my 20 shares will be assigned in Jun and I will close out the scorecard with a nice gain. I currently have an 11% gain on this scorecard since Jan of 2009. Its time to close it out and concentrate on something else.

  6. Rich said

    INTC has been on a continued up trend since Feb and my May 20 puts have decreased in price to .04

    INTEL Scorecard update: Today I took the following action:

    bought to close 2 May 20 puts at a net debit of $8
    sold 1 May 24 put for a net credit of $72
    sold 1 Jun 23 put for a net credit of $53

    If my May 24 put is in the money prior to May expiration I have two choices to make. I could roll the put forward for a credit or take assignment and then sell a covered call for a credit.

    My net cost of INTEL shares is now down to $17.26

  7. Rich said

    Update on Kraft scorecard. I took the following action today:

    Today I sold 1 Jun 29 cash secured put for a net credit of $34.75
    I also have in play a Jun 29 covered call

    If KFT is below 29 at Jun expiration my covered call will expire OTM and I can sell another call, and my put will be in the money and I will be assigned 100 shares of KFT. This assignment should come prior to the ex-div date and I would qualify for the Jul dividend.

    If KFT is above 29 at Jun expiration my covered call will be assigned, and my put will be out of the money. At this point I could sell two puts for Jul or farther out depending on what the premiums are.

    My net cost per share on KFT is now $25.85 (cost basis of original shares is $27.66)

  8. Irene said

    Kraft sounds like a good play for you Rich.


  9. Rich said

    Alcoa – this morning I rolled a May 15 put forward to Jun 15 for just a little more net credit than the commission cost. Although I have enough cash built up on this scorecard that if assigned at 15 my net cost would be close to its 52 week low. However, I don’t want to use up all that cash on being assigned at 15 with AA trading at about 13.50 right now. I also have a May 13 and a May 14 cash secured put in play. I’ll take a look at rolling the May 14 put in a week or so. With the congress in a stalemate on almost every issue and the situation with Greece I’m wondering if the market will be able to continue up or just tread water for awhile. We also have the pending disaster off the gulf coast. The market does not like bad news of any kind.


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