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6/27 – New VISIONS Scan

Posted by mounddweller on June 28, 2010

I ran a new VISIONS scan last night and the volume of stocks popping up on the Scout report continues to increase.  This scan returned 134 stocks that met the Level 3 criteria and 19 that met the Level 4 criteria.  It was only a few weeks ago that I was getting ZERO stocks returned by Scout at Level 4.

There are 4 stocks in the Level 4 list that are rated ‘TA’ (take action) and have a Gold$ score = 80.  They are…

(1) Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS (NYSE: TKC)

(2) First Solar (Nasdaq: FSLR)

(3) Chemical & Mining of Chile (NYSE: SQM)

(4) Banco Santander, S.A. (NYSE: STD).

I find it interesting that 3 of the 4 are international stocks listed as ADRs on the NYSE.  Perhaps that’s an indicator that we should be diversifying internationally?  Other ‘TA’  rated stocks further down the list (Gold$ < 80) include: GILD, EJ, MAN, MASI, CEPH, PMCS, KCG, NSR, LOGI, DELL, and YHOO.

Up and comers rated ‘GR’ (get ready) and high on the list include: GAME, NTRS, and PBCT.  Of these, GAME (Shanda Interactive) is the most interesting.  It already has a Gold$ score of 82.  It just needs to get back up in the VISION V and it might make an attractive trade.

Let me know if you find any of these appealing and why.  At first glance none of them jumped out at me as a “must trade” opportunity.



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