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New Weekly NP Trade – MSFT

Posted by mounddweller on August 19, 2011

Fellow Traders,

Today I placed another weekly trade.  I STO 5 AUG26 MSFT $23 puts at $0.24.  My ROIC (net of commissions) is 0.948% which equates to 49.45% annually.  MSFT was trading at $24.09 when my trade executed.

I like MSFT at $23.  It has support at this price.  However, given the current market volatility no support level should be considered rock solid.





One Response to “New Weekly NP Trade – MSFT”

  1. dealmakr said

    Hi Troy,

    MSFT is going to be quite volatile along with many others and should make for some good NP writing. Am currently short a few Oct 20 puts and just had my Aug 26 calls and 23 puts expire. Will be looking to put on a few of the weekly puts in MSFT to try and generate some income also.

    Good trading


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