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Weekly NP Strategy – SEP 30 Expiration Results

Posted by mounddweller on October 1, 2011

Fellow Traders,

You’ll recall last week I chose 3 trades out of the 119 selections presented to us.  My chosen trades were as follows:

(1) INTC $20 strike

(2) MSFT $24 strike

(3) QCOM $45 strike

Let’s see how my chosen trades turned out.  First, up is INTC.  INTC closed at $21.62 last Thursday.   Over the next 6 trading days it traded as high as $22.98 and closed Friday just $0.01 above its low of $21.33.  Thus, the puts finished OTM and folks who took this trade earned 0.55% ROIC in just 6 trading days.

Next up is MSFT.    MSFT closed last Thursday at $25.06. It got as low as $24.73 and yesterday closed at $24.89.   This trade paid $0.24 or 1.00% ROIC.  That is an incredible one week yield for a AAA rated, blue-chip stock like MSFT.

Last up is QCOM.  It closed at $50.03 a week ago Thursday.  Since then QCOM has fallen consistently and closed at its low for the week at $48.63.  However, the $45 strike finished well OTM.  The ROIC was 0.53%.

Well, that’s it for our week in review.  The Weekly NP Strategy continues to perform well despite high volatility.



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