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Weekly NP Strategy – OCT 7 Expiration Results

Posted by mounddweller on October 8, 2011

Fellow Traders,

Last week you’ll recall I suggested  5 NP trades that looked worthy of your further due diligence and possible selection.  I suggested trades in the following:

CSCO at the $15 strike,

HPQ at the $21 or $22 strikes,

MSFT at the $24 strike, and

SLW at the $25 strike.

I’m happy to report each of these trades finished OTM by a significant margin.  Thus far, knock on wood, since launching this strategy I haven’t suggested a single losing trade.  The markets are being kind to me.  Let’s hope it continues.



3 Responses to “Weekly NP Strategy – OCT 7 Expiration Results”

  1. C Manahan said

    Hi Troy:

    I just downloaded your recent xls file on potential trades for next week. Can you point me in the right direction on how to interpret these results and if I wanted to run my own scan within TOS, is there a way to do that? Thanks for your help in advance.


  2. mounddweller said


    That spreadsheet is the result of a scan I run on My search criteria are very simple, a ROIC > 0.5% and DSP > 5%. I don’t know anything about TOS but I doubt their search engine contains these variables. If you’re interested in running your own scans check out the MTRIG site. It’s very simple to use and reasonably priced.


  3. C Manahan said

    Thanks Troy – I will check this out.

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