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Weekly NP Strategy – Nov 11 Exp

Posted by mounddweller on November 3, 2011

Fellow Traders,

Below you’ll find my 5 choices from our list of 142 possible trades.  I will post the complete list out on the Yahoo Weekly Options group board.  You can link to it here:

Alcoa, Freeport McMoran, and Williams have already announced earnings.  Cisco announces earnings next week, thus that is why the premium on the $17 strike is so high.  Followers of CSCO know that its past several earnings releases have resulted in significant price drops.  However, I think this time CSCO may have positive news to report.  I have nothing substantive to base my opinion on, just a gut feel.  Take it for what its worth.

Hewlett Packard doesn’t report earnings until November 21st.  I think it will trend upward until then.  The stock has been so beaten down that even if is put to you at $25.00 you would be buying it very near its recent lows.

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for this week.  Best of luck to everyone.




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