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Posted by mounddweller on November 10, 2011

Fellow Traders,

I’ve fallen behind in updating you on some of my trades.  So, without further delay I’d like to tell you about a couple trades I made last week and another couple I made earlier this week.

First up is Waste Management (WM).  WM has been on my radar screen for a few weeks now.  I’ve had considerable success in the past selling puts on large-caps which are currently out of favor on Wall Street.  I think WM is a similar opportunity.  Let’s take a look at the price chart and you’ll see what I mean.

After hitting a 52-wk high of almost $40 back on May 2nd WM fell sharply and subsequently hit a 52-wk low of $27.75 on August 9th.  Since then WM has rebounded to as high as $35 before falling back.  Today it closed at $31.16.  Last Tuesday, November 1st, I sold 4 NOV $28 puts at $0.25.  At the time I placed my trade WM was priced at $31.72.

I felt comfortable placing this trade for several reasons.  First, my strike price of $28 was very near the $52 wk low.  Also, its financial crisis low in March of 2009 was $23.26.  Second, WM has a dividend of $1.36 / share.   If I were to have WM put to me at $28 my dividend yield would be 4.86%.  Over the past 5 years WM has increased its dividend by 55%.   Third, my ROIC, net of commissions, is 0.8% with an 18 day holding period and 11.7% DSP.  Annualized my ROIC is 16.23%.

For these kinds of trades I like to have an annualized return greater than 15%.  Why 15%?  Because at 15% you’re doubling your money every 5 years.

OK, I’ve ran out of time tonight before I’ve been able to tell you about my other 3 trades.  I’ll by back tomorrow with another post to tell you about RY (two trades) and CCJ.



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