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Weekly NP Strategy – 0317 Expiration

Posted by mounddweller on March 8, 2012

Fellow Traders,

As most of you know this week isn’t a true weekly options week.  In reality it is just the last week before the normal monthly options expiration which occurs next Friday.  Thus, I don’t have any picks for you this week.  However, I did run the screen for you looking at all trades  with at least 5% DSP and 0.5% ROIC.    This screen returned 275 possible trades.

You’ll notice the number of possible trades is much higher than the 33 we found last week.  Again this is because our universe covers all stocks with options not just stocks which have weekly options.

I’ll post the file out on the Yahoo group board.  You can find it here:




2 Responses to “Weekly NP Strategy – 0317 Expiration”

  1. Joe Ruvolo said

    Troy I also use the Visons V software for equity selection on my NP I did not see in your recent spreadsheet a PF I do know you use >2 for the monthly.What do you use for the weekly?

    • mounddweller said


      I do not use Visions for my Weekly NP Strategy. I simply use the screener at You are correct however that I previously used the Put Factor (PF) when selecting possible trades for my Deep OTM NP Strategy. However, I stopped trading and publishing the Deep OTM NP Strategy several months ago. I found that it took a considerable amount of time to research while yielding no better than average results.

      I am using Visions for my Dividend Superstars strategy. I haven’t posted any messages about it for several weeks. I need to do that this weekend.


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