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Yes, I am still alive…

Posted by mounddweller on December 30, 2012

Fellow Traders,

OK, I was totally shocked and embarassed when I logged into my blog earlier this afternoon.  I could not believe that 2 months had passed since my last post!  Yes, I did realize that I had not been as diligent in posting every week (at a minimum) as I had in the past.  However, I had no clue that I had let so much time slip past me since my last blog entry.

So, let’s get y’all caught back up to date on my trading activities these past 60+ days.  In looking back at my last posts I found that I had written about trades in INTC, CSCO, and CCJ.

First, a quick update on INTC.  As I mentioned in my previous post I accepted assignment on 500 shares at $24.  My net cost on this position is $22.51.  You’ll also recall I had a second trade open having initially sold a round of puts at the $22 strike price.  Just prior to October expiration I rolled these down and out to the DEC $21 strike.  Then, just prior to DEC expiration I rolled them out again, but not down, to the JAN $21 expiration.  If the sell-off continues into the new year my plan at JAN expiration will be to once again roll down and out as necessary to obtain a net credit. It is likely that this will be the MAR expiration at the $20 strike.

Next, let’s get you caught up on CSCO.  You’ll recall I opened my most recent trade on CSCO back on 10/19 by selling NPs at both the DEC $16 and NOV $17 strike prices.  The NOV $17 NPs expired OTM so I rewrote a new round of DEC $17 NPs.  CSCO had a good run-up in late November and early December so I was able to buy to close both of the open DEC positions well before expiration.  I currently do not have an open position in CSCO.

Lastly, let me give you a quick update on CCJ.  On October 12 I sold to open NOV NPs on CCJ at the $18 strike.  Just prior to NOV expiration I rolled these out to JAN expiration, keeping the $18 strike price.  CCJ recovered quite nicely in December and I was able to profitably close the position on 12/19 by buying to close at $0.05.

As we start into the new year I hope to be able to get everything on my blog back up to date.  My closed trades and open position pages are totally out of date.  In addition I need to update the page explaining my trading plan.  It no longer reflects how I identify and execute my trades.

Best of luck to one and all as we head into what looks to be an exciting 2013.



3 Responses to “Yes, I am still alive…”

  1. Rich said

    Hi Troy, hope you and your family had a nice Christmas. I still check your blog several times a week. I myself have been lax posting my trades on the blog I maintain on the Scottrade Community Forum. Have made a resolution to do better in 2013.


    • mounddweller said


      Good to hear from you. Had been wondering how you were doing. What have you been trading lately?


      • Rich said

        I’ve done a few buy/writes on PFE, JPM, INTC, CSCO. Most of my put selling is on ANR. Has some great premiums, lots of volitility. I sell out of the money puts and watch them carefully. ANR move around a good bit up and down. I roll out and down quickly to avoid assignment.

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