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November 2013 Results

Posted by mounddweller on December 8, 2013

Fellow Traders,

Yes, I have been very negligent in updating my blog.  My results of late have not been anything to write home about and so I cut way back on my trading activity and am conversing regularly with my good friend Teddi over at to see how I might improve my results.

However, that being said I do want to take a moment to document the few trades I did close last month.  In November I closed 4 trades in 3 stocks, CSCO, TEVA, and YUM.

(1) CSCO – 11/13 BTC 3 NOV $22 puts at $0.09.  Netted a whopping $91.10 for a 1.38% ROIC with a 28 day holding period.

(2) TEVA – 11/13 BTC 3 NOV $37.50 puts at $0.03.  Netted $124.10 for a 1.10% ROIC with a 14 day holding period.

(3) YUM – closed NOV puts at the $62.50 and $65 strikes.  Net result was a small loss of $2.25.

My only recent new trade was a put ladder in CSCO.  I am now holding JAN, APR, and JUL puts at the $20, 19, and 18 strikes respectively.  The objective of this trade is to eventually own CSCO at a net cost per share of < $20.  I like CSCO’s long-term growth prospects and recent commitment to supporting a growing dividend.

Finally, before signing off I’ll tell you I’m thinking of revamping my site to include updates on my long-term holdings.  More on that later.






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