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Current Real Estate

Commercial Class B Office Building – Plano, TX

PPBC Picture

PPBC - Stats

Commercial Class B Retail Center – Plano, TX

Lancer's Sq - Picture.JPG

Lancer's Sq - Stats

Manufacturing Facility – Mansfield, TX

Gamma - Picture

Gamma - Stats

Manufacturing Facility – Central Oklahoma

Hopkins - picture

Hopkins - Stats

Student Housing – Las Vegas, NV

Flamingo - Picture

Flamingo - Stats

Medical Office Building – Fort Worth, TX

Henderson - Picture

Henderson - stats

Light Industrial Facilities – Oklahoma City, OK and Wichita, KS

Will Rogers OK - Picture

Will Rogers KS - Picture.JPG

Will Rogers - Stats

Small Multi-Family Apartment Complex – Los Angeles, CA

LA Apts - Picture

LA Apts - Stats

490 Unit Multi-Family Apartment Complex – Metro Atlanta, GA

The Fields - Peachtree Corners

The Fields - Peachtree Corners - Financial Projections

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