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About my long-term holdings

Posted by mounddweller on January 3, 2018

Fellow Investors,

The post today is a few words regarding the long-term holdings portion of my portfolio.  Looking at the data in the “Long Term Holdings” tab you can see that I began accumulating these positions about 10 years ago.

My thought at the time was to begin accumulating large cap, dividend growth stocks at reasonable prices as the opportunity presented itself.  Then, I would automatically reinvest the quarterly dividends until such time as I was ready to retire and begin cashing those quarterly dividend checks.  Since these were ‘buy and hold forever’ stocks I tried to ignore month to month fluctuations in price.  I feel the plan has been successful.  The portfolio now has 15 stocks, 11 C-Corps and 4 MLPs.    My strategy has been to buy when the stock is currently out of favor.  Doing so has allowed me to buy AT&T at an average cost of less than $32/share, Exxon Mobil at $73, Intel at $24, McDonald’s at around $94, and Microsoft around $29.  With all of these companies increasing their dividends per share on an annual basis my yield on cost is substantial and will only continue to increase.

So, you may be wondering what I currently have on my watchlist.  As you might expect, given the current market conditions, not much!  However, there are a few companies that I would like to add to the portfolio if the opportunity presents itself.  IBM is one such company.  I’ve looked and passed on it multiple times in the past couple of years when the dividend yield exceeded 4%.  22 straight quarters of declining revenue make me a bit nervous to pull the trigger.  However, I think they may be very close to putting this bad string of results behind them.  If they have a good 4th quarter of 2017 and we get even a mild correction in the market, I’d buy a small number of shares at $150 or less.

Another stock I have my eye on is OKE.  It is a large mid-stream oil and gas pipeline company headquartered in Oklahoma.  It has excellent growth prospects and despite jumping in the first couple days of trading in 2018 still yields a very respectable 5.4%.  I didn’t anticipate it jumping out of the gate in the new year and so now will wait for it to cool off and pull back a little bit.  I will be pleased if I can get it at $53/share or less.

Well, that’s it for this post.  Later this week I hope to introduce you to the real estate portion of my portfolio.



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May 2014 – Results

Posted by mounddweller on June 1, 2014

Fellow Traders,

My results in May were kind of a mixed bag.  I had some trades that worked well and others that didn’t.  The frequency of my trading was impacted by several factors:

(1) responsibilities at my day job increased and so I have less time to follow my trades during the day,

(2) my personal life has also become more hectic, and

(3) the seemingly irrational movement down in volatility means premiums are very low and thus the risk/reward ratio does not seem favorable to me.

With that as a back-drop let’s look at the results of the trades I did make this month.  First, let’s look at the closed trades.

(1) Coca Cola (KO) – I am building a long-term position in KO.  While accumulating shares using dividend reinvestment I also want to be opportunistic in selling CCs against my existing shares and selling NPs until assigned to acquire additional shares.  On 4/16 I sold MAY $40 calls at $0.82 believing that KO had peaked and was destined to head back down for a short period of time.  Unfortunately, this was not the case and so on 5/14 I had to buy back my MAY $40 calls at $1.14 to avoid having them called away.  This resulted in a loss on the trade.  I am planning on re-entering the trade again when it appears KO has peaked and is ripe for a short-term fall.

(2) Kinder Morgan (KMI) – Like KO, I want to build a long-term position in KMI.  I feel KMI is a bargain at current price levels.  Consequently, for the past several months each time KMI approaches $32.50 I sell puts at this strike price.  On  4/25 I sold MAY $32.50 puts at $0.50.  These puts expired OTM on 5/14.  Thus, net of commissions my ROIC was 1.45% with a holding period of 22 days.

(3) Family Dollar (FDO) – I have made a couple of trades in FDO in the past 3 months.  Both were profitable.  My latest trade was initiated on 3/21 when I sold the APR $57.50 puts for $0.96.  As many of you are aware FDO has been volatile these past several months due to lackluster performance and rumors of them being bought.  Consequently, I had to roll my position down and out to the MAY $55 puts.  These MAY $55 puts expired OTM on 5/17.  My ROIC on this trade in FDO, net of commissions, was 1.38% with a holding period of 57 days.

(4) Franklin-Templeton (BEN) – Like FDO, I have made a couple of trades in BEN these past few months.  Both were profitable.  My latest trade was initiated on 4/7 when I sold the MAY $50 puts at $0.70.  These puts were never in danger of becoming ITM and expired OTM on 5/17.  Net of commissions, my ROIC was 1.32% over a holding period of 40 days.

(5) Lowe’s (LOW) – I initiated my trade in LOW back on 4/7, selling the MAY $46 puts at $0.75.  On 5/6 I had to buy back the MAY $46 puts and ended up selling a higher quantity of JUN $44 for a net credit.  On 5/23 I was able to buy back the JUN $44 puts for $0.19, thus closing out the trade early.  My ROIC, net of commissions, was 1.99% with a holding period of 46 days.

(6) Procter & Gamble (PG) – This was my very first Bollinger Band (BB) strategy trade.  The basic premise of the strategy is to buy stock and/or sell NPs as a stock is bouncing off it’s lower BB.  PG seemed like the perfect set-up and a low risk trade for my first attempt at mastering this strategy.  PG hit and bounced off it’s lower BB on 5/21.  On 5/22 I bought shares of PG at $80.20.  Looking at the chart I believed PG would be able to make it back up to the middle of the BBs (essentially the 20-day MA).  Alas, this was not the case.  The stock’s rise stalled out before even hitting $81.  Not wanting to risk large losses I sold my shares as soon as it became apparent to me that the trade wasn’t going to work out.  On 5/27 I sold my shares in PG at $80.27.  Net of commissions I lost about $10 on the trade.

(7) Exelon (EXC) – Yes, believe it or not I am out of EXC with a profit!  Long time readers of my blog will know that I’ve been working my way out of this position for a very long time.  This trade actually started in APR 2010 by selling puts at the $42.50 strike.  A lot has happened since then.  I’ve collected four years of dividends, sold CCs and NPs numerous time and have had stock put to me and called away at least once each.  Through all of this I was able to reduce my net cost.  Finally last month, prior to EXC going ex-dividend, I sold CCs at the $35 and $36 strikes.  A portion of my shares were called away from me at $35 by someone wanting to capture the dividend.  The $36 CCs expired OTM.  I will be receiving the dividend on these shares.  It should hit my account later this month.  Then, this past week, I sold all of my remaining shares at $36.10.  The final result will be a ROIC of around 12% but the holding period is just over 4 years so the annualized return while beating US Treasuries is nothing to brag about.  What I will brag about though is that I refused to give in and exit the position at a loss.  By selling NPs and CCs when the opportunity presented itself and collecting the dividends over time I was able to successfully exit the trade.

(8) Microsoft (MSFT) – On 5/6 with MSFT at $39.06, I sold the 30MAY $38 puts at $40.  This past Friday those puts expired OTM.  My ROIC was 0.98% with a 24-day holding period.

Now let’s look at the new trades I opened this month.

(1) Back on 5/12 I expanded my long position in $VIX JUL $14 calls.  I bought 2 more calls at $1.95.  Thus far this trade isn’t looking very good.  The market continues to defy gravity by going higher while driving the VIX lower and lower.  The long expected summer slump has yet to occur.

(2) Lastly, I sold more puts on EXC.  I know, I’m stupid.  I can just hear you saying, didn’t you just get yourself out of a long-term losing trade in EXC.  Yes, I did.  However, in this case the market is moving in my direction.  When I originally opened my trade in EXC back in 2010, I thought the stock was bottoming out.  Alas, it continued to fall much further than I thought possible.  This time, I waited until I was sure the market was moving in my favor.  Back on 5/20 I sold the JUN $33 puts at $0.35.  EXC was trading at $34.04.  Friday, it closed at $36.83.  Thus, I should be able to buy to close my puts for pennies on the dollar in the coming week.

Well, that’s it for this month.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have slowed the pace of my trading substantially.  Put premiums are extremely low right now.  I’m keeping my ‘powder dry’ until things pick back up again.

Best of luck to all my trading friends in the coming month!



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Portfolio Update – September 2013 Results

Posted by mounddweller on September 30, 2013

Fellow Traders,

The 3rd quarter is officially history.  Given the impact of a so-so economy and the political antics in Washington it should be interesting to see how we finish out the year.  Most of what I’m currently reading says to look for a big run-up to the end of the year after Congress gets done trying to get our attention on the budget debate and the debt ceiling.  Stay tuned it should be interesting!

Enough of that, let’s take a look at how The Money Tree made out this month.

Number of Closed Positions: 9

Profit on Closed Trades: $1,418.22

Total Capital Used on Closed Trades: $91,073.63

Average Number of Days Trades Were Open: 124.7*

Return on Invested Capital: 1.56%

You’ll note the average number of days trades were open is much higher than usual.  That’s because I finally closed out my position in SUNE (formerly WFR).  I had that position for well over 2 years.  We’ll talk more about SUNE later in this article.  Excluding SUNE, the remaining 8 closed trades had an average holding period of 33 days.

Let’s dig a little deeper into these 9 closed trades.  Seven of the nine closed trades involved naked puts.  The remaining two were covered calls.  All nine closed positions were the result of the options expiring OTM.  I had puts expire in ABT, CAT, CCJ, EXC, LNCO, MSFT, and TEVA.

I sold the ABT SEP $34 puts when the underlying was trading at $35.29.  ABT continued to fall and was ITM for some time before recovering and finishing OTM.

I sold the CAT $80 puts for $0.72 when the underlying was at $82.38.  At expiration CAT was at $84.75.

While CCJ was at $19.54 I sold the SEP $19 puts for $0.50.  At expiration CCJ was at $19.38.

I sold the EXC SEP $30 puts at $0.60 when Exelon was at $30.20.  The puts expired OTM with EXC closing at $30.13.

LNCO was at $25.55 when I sold the SEP $24 puts for $1.30.  At expiration LNCO closed at $29.04.

My trade in MSFT also turned out well, I sold the SEP $30 puts at $0.25 when MSFT was at $31.42.  They expired OTM with Microsoft trading at $32.79.

My final NP trade involved TEVA.  As regular readers know, I’ve been trading this one for several months now.  Once again I sold the SEP $37.50 puts; this time for $0.50.  At the time TEVA was trading at $38.81.  At expiration it closed at $37.72.  If you haven’t taken an opportunity to look at TEVA before, I highly encourage you to do so.  I’ve been trading it since late April and it has treated me very well.

Now let’s look at my two covered call trades.  First up is my trade in KO.  Back on August 23rd I bought KO for $38.42 and concurrently sold the SEP $39 calls for $0.34.  On September 12th KO went ex-dividend making me eligible to receive the $0.28 dividend.  With KO trading at $38.94 on expiration day I decided to roll my calls out into OCT.  Doing so gave me an additional net credit of $0.62.

Last, but certainly not least is my covered call trade in SUNE (previously WFR).  Long time readers know I’ve been in this position for quite some time.  NO MORE!  I closed out my SUNE trade on 9/25.  Over the course of 2+ years I had managed to work my net cost basis in SUNE down from $10 (the strike price of my original puts) to $7.74.  After my SEP $9 calls expired OTM I decided to keep a close eye on SUNE and sell my shares at $8 or better.  Last Wednesday, I got my chance and sold SUNE for $8.10.  My annualized ROIC was a laughable 1.91%.   However, I’m still proud of this trade because I stuck with it, didn’t give up, and worked on it until I was able to exit with a profit.  With more experience under my belt and better stock selection I hope to avoid a repeat performance.


Now let’s look at my open trades.

Number of Open Positions: 7; 4 naked puts, 2 covered calls, and 1 call purchase

Net Cash Flow in September from 4 new naked put Open Positions: $591.70

Cash Flow from 2 covered calls: $288.50

Capital Used on Open Cash Secured Naked Put Trades: $36,350.00

Capital Used on Open Covered Call Trades: $24,313.90

Capital Used on $VIX call option purchase: $760.00

Net Cash Flow on Invested Capital: 1.43%

I have previously opened positions in GDX, and KO.  My new open positions are in ABT (OCT $33 puts), CCJ (OCT $19 Puts), EXC (OCT $30 puts), TEVA (OCT $37.50 puts), SYY (CC OCT $32), and $VIX (DEC $13 calls).

Going into October I am considering an additional trade in CCJ (OCT $18 puts), and new trades in CAT (OCT $80 puts), CLX (OCT $80 puts), GIS (OCT CC trade, stock goes ex-dividend on 10/8), T  (OCT CC trade, stock also goes ex-dividend on 10/8), DE (OCT $80 puts), and PG (OCT $75 puts).



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Results – August 2013

Posted by mounddweller on August 30, 2013

Fellow Traders,

Can you believe it’s already Labor Day weekend?  Where has this year gone?  All of the big boys on Wall Street will be back from the summer homes in the Hampton’s next week.  It should be interesting to see how we finish out the year.

Well, let’s take a look at how The Money Tree made out this month.

Number of Closed Positions: 6

Profit on Closed Trades: $1,040.15

Total Capital Used on Closed Trades: $43,133.73

Average Number of Days Trades Were Open: 21.2

Return on Invested Capital: 2.41%

Let’s dig a little deeper into these 6 closed trades.  Four of the six closed trades involved naked puts.  One was a covered call and the sixth one involved the purchase of calls; something I’d never done before.  The four naked put trades all expired OTM.  I had puts expire in EXC, LNCO, MSFT, and POT.  I sold the EXC AUG $30 puts at $0.40 when Exelon was at $30.55.  The puts expired OTM with EXC closing at $30.16.  LNCO was at $29.63 when I sold the AUG $27 puts for $0.60.  At expiration LNCO closed at $27.63.  My trade in MSFT also turned out well, I sold the AUG $30 puts at $0.39 when MSFT was at $31.06.  They expired OTM with Microsoft trading at $31.80.  My final NP trade involved Potash (POT).  With POT trading around $29.08 I sold the AUG $27 puts at $0.32.  Potash, at expiration, closed at 30.39.

Before we move on to my open trades let’s look at my two trades involving calls.  First up is my covered call trade in SUNE (previously WFR).  Long time readers know I’ve been in this position for quite some time.  Recently it has become more volatile and I’ve been able to take advantage and sell some calls to reduce my overall net cost.  This month I sold the AUG $10 calls at $0.68 when the stock was at $9.95.  I ended up buying back the calls for $0.02 after SUNE announced horrible quarterly results which drove the stock price down to $7.20.   After the stock recovered I sold another round of calls at the $9 strike.  More about this trade next month.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to briefly describe the purchase of my first call trade.  I entered this trade after reading about the strategy developed by my friend Teddie at   It involves the purchase of calls when the $VIX drops below a pre-defined level.  I bought 5 OCT $13 calls on the $VIX at $4.30.  Later, when the $VIX was still languishing I bought another round of calls.  This time I bought 2 OCT $13 calls at $3.10.  This brought my average cost down to $3.98.  Earlier this week I sold the calls for $4.40.  My ROIC on this trade was over 10%.  However, I could have done even better if I had spread out my purchases into smaller lots at lower prices.  Also, as it turns out I exited the trade too early.  Today, the $VIX OCT $13 calls closed at $5.00 bid / $5.30 ask.  I’m not complaining though.  I made over 10% in 34 days.  When the conditions are right I will do this trade again.

Now let’s look at my open trades.

Number of Open Positions: 10 (in 9 stocks)

Net Cash Flow in August from 8 new Open Positions: $1,279.40

Total Capital Used on Open Trades: $76,152.78

Net Cash Flow on Invested Capital: 1.68%

I have previously opened positions in GDX, OKE, and SUNE.  My new open positions are in ABT (SEP $34 puts), CAT (SEP $80 puts), CCJ (SEP $19 Puts), EXC (SEP $30 puts), KO (SEP $39 CC), LNCO (SEP $24 puts), SUNE (SEP $9 CC), and TEVA (SEP $37.50 puts).

Going into September I am considering naked put trades in IBM, INTC, MCD, and POT.



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Results – July 2013

Posted by mounddweller on July 31, 2013

Fellow Traders,

July is history.  Wow, 2013 is going quickly.  July turned out to be a good month.  Let’s check those results.

Number of Closed Positions: 7

Profit on Closed Trades: $1,272.00

Total Capital Used on Closed Trades: $71,350.00

Average Number of Days Trades Were Open: 24.6

Return on Invested Capital: 1.78%

Let’s dig a little deeper into these 7 closed trades.  All 7 of the closed trades involved naked puts.  Six of the seven expired OTM.  The other one was my ‘day-trade’ in POT which I wrote about yesterday.  I had puts expire in CHRW, CAT, KO, TEVA, and two positions in LNCO.  I sold the CHRW JUL $55 puts at $1.10 when CHRW was at $55.97 (it has strong support at $55).  The puts expired OTM with CHRW closing at $60.60.  CAT was at $83.86 when I sold the JUL $80 puts for $1.00.  At expiration CAT closed at $85.65.  My first time trading KO also turned out well, I sold the JUL $38 puts at $0.40 when KO was at $39.54.  They expired OTM with KO trading at $41.09.  Last up are my two trades in LNCO.  With LNCO trading around $30.70 I sold the JUL $27.50 and JUL $25 puts at $1.05 and $0.55 respectively.  It was a wild ride.  LNCO dropped to an intra-day low of $23.03 on July 5 before recovering to close on expiration at 32.18.

Now let’s look at my open trades.

Number of Open Positions: 7 (in 5 stocks)

Net Cash Flow in July from Open Positions: $(110.45)

Total Capital Used on Open Trades: $65,662.93

Net Cash Flow on Invested Capital: (0.168%)

Currently I have open positions in EXC, GDX, OKE, MSFT, and SUNE (WFR).   Let’s look at each one starting with EXC.  I just can’t seem to find the right rhythm with EXC.  If I weren’t wanting to re-establish a long-term position in this company I would have given up long ago and moved onto trading something else.  Long time readers will recall that I had a position in EXC that got called away in 2012.  Since then I have been trying to build a new position.  In May I started by selling the JUN $34 puts.  As EXC continued to move up more I feared having it run away from me so I lost my patience and bought 200 shares at $35.55 only to see it begin to fall almost immediately.  I ended up having to roll the JUN $34 puts out and down to JAN $33 for a small credit.  Then in June I sold more puts at the $32 strike.  As these went ITM I rolled them down and out as well to the JUL $31 puts.  When the JUL $31 puts went ITM I decided to cut my losses and bought to close them for a small debit.  Again, my patience cost me.  EXC bounced and closed at JUL expiration above $31.  Had I been more patient they would have expired OTM.  Finally, to finish the EXC saga for this month, today I sold some AUG $30 puts at $0.40 in an effort to reduce the debit I created when I closed the JUL $31 puts too early.  All of this activity has put me at just about at break-even.  The only one getting rich on this trade is my broker.

Let’s move onto my remaining open trades.  I won’t bore you with any more details on GDX.  It continues to hover between $26-$28.  I am way under water on this trade.  Next up is OKE.  Like, EXC I’m having trouble figuring this one out.  This is another company I’m trying to establish a long-term position in.  Back in May I sold JUN puts at the $47.50 strike.  Shortly thereafter the bottom fell out on the stock and I ended up rolling my position down and out to the JAN $45 puts for a $0.30 net credit.  Then in June I sold another round of JUL puts at the $42.50 strike.  When OKE fell below $42.50 I decided to close that position and began looking to sell something else further out and down for a credit.  Alas, like with EXC, had I just been patient the JUL $42.50 would have expired OTM.

OK, not all of my open positions are basket cases.  I actually have two open positions that are performing well.  I am short MSFT AUG $30 puts.  I opened the trade on July 19 selling the AUG $30 puts for $0.39 while MSFT was at $31.06.  I have no reason to believe these won’t expire OTM.

My last open position is in SUNE (WFR).  You’ll recall last month that I mentioned that I had sold the JUL $10 calls at $0.25.  These ended up expiring OTM so I wrote another round of calls for August also at the $10 strike.  I was able to sell these for $0.68.  SUNE has been on both sides of $10 this week so time will tell if I’ll get called away at expiration or be able to write another round of calls.


Going into August I am considering another round of naked put trades TEVA, CAT, CHRW, and CCJ.  All are once again approaching key support levels.



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Weekly NP Strategy – OCT 7 Expiration Results

Posted by mounddweller on October 8, 2011

Fellow Traders,

Last week you’ll recall I suggested  5 NP trades that looked worthy of your further due diligence and possible selection.  I suggested trades in the following:

CSCO at the $15 strike,

HPQ at the $21 or $22 strikes,

MSFT at the $24 strike, and

SLW at the $25 strike.

I’m happy to report each of these trades finished OTM by a significant margin.  Thus far, knock on wood, since launching this strategy I haven’t suggested a single losing trade.  The markets are being kind to me.  Let’s hope it continues.



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Recent Trades

Posted by mounddweller on October 1, 2011

Fellow Traders,

I want to update you on some of my recent trades.  Since I last provided an update I have added to one position and opened three more positions.  First, let me update you on my NP position in Petroleo Brasileiro (PBR).  You’ll recall I initiated this position back in May by selling JUN $32 puts.  You can read my write-up about why I entered the trade here:  From May through July this trade was working wonderfully.  My puts would expire OTM and I would then rewrite them the following month.  Since August the trade has not been working so well.  PBR has declined steadily and I have been rolling my puts at the $31 strike price.  I am now short the JAN $31 puts.  I will continue to roll these puts as long as possible until the price of PBR recovers.

Because PBR has declined substantially and I still believe it is a compelling value I have chosen to sell additional puts at the $20 strike price.   On 9/22 I sold OCT $20 puts at $0.33.  At the time PBR was trading around $23.45.  Yesterday, it closed at $22.45.  The 5-year chart below will show you while I chose the $20 strike price.

Even during the financial crisis in late 2008 PBR didn’t fall much below $20.  Also, at $20 PBR would be trading at 74% of its book value.  My plan is to continue to sell puts at the $20 strike price until PBR begins to recover.  If it should continue to fall below $20 I will begin rolling the $20 strike price puts as well.  I will then commit the last of my planned capital for this trade at a new lower strike price, perhaps at the $17 strike price.

OK, let’s move on to my new positions.  My new positions are in Corning (GLW), Annaly (NLY), and Microsoft (MSFT).  GLW was brought to my attention by an investing buddy of mine.  He is very conservative so when he thinks a trade is nice, I listen.   On 9/22 I sold OCT $10 puts at $0.13.  At the time GLW was trading at $12.25.  This trade gives me a 1.16% ROIC (net of commissions) with almost 20% DSP.  Below is the 5-year chart for Corning.  The $10 strike price is very near the bear market lows.  Other factors leading me to make this trade are GLW’s over $2.60/share in cash (net of all long-term debt) on its balance sheet, its book value of $13.56, and its P/E ratio of 6.

This week I made my two other new trades.  I sold NLY NOV $16 puts for $0.38.  I sold these puts after NLY went ex-dividend.

My last trade was in MSFT.  I sold OCT $23 puts at $0.32.  Net of commissions my ROIC for this trade is 1.3%.  The following 2-year chart shows why I like this trade.

Well, now you are all caught up.  As you can see I am always on the look out for good trades outside of those generated by my two NP strategies.  As the current market volatility continues I will be on the look-out for other good trades.

Best of luck to you in the weeks ahead.




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Weekly NP Strategy – SEP 30 Expiration Results

Posted by mounddweller on October 1, 2011

Fellow Traders,

You’ll recall last week I chose 3 trades out of the 119 selections presented to us.  My chosen trades were as follows:

(1) INTC $20 strike

(2) MSFT $24 strike

(3) QCOM $45 strike

Let’s see how my chosen trades turned out.  First, up is INTC.  INTC closed at $21.62 last Thursday.   Over the next 6 trading days it traded as high as $22.98 and closed Friday just $0.01 above its low of $21.33.  Thus, the puts finished OTM and folks who took this trade earned 0.55% ROIC in just 6 trading days.

Next up is MSFT.    MSFT closed last Thursday at $25.06. It got as low as $24.73 and yesterday closed at $24.89.   This trade paid $0.24 or 1.00% ROIC.  That is an incredible one week yield for a AAA rated, blue-chip stock like MSFT.

Last up is QCOM.  It closed at $50.03 a week ago Thursday.  Since then QCOM has fallen consistently and closed at its low for the week at $48.63.  However, the $45 strike finished well OTM.  The ROIC was 0.53%.

Well, that’s it for our week in review.  The Weekly NP Strategy continues to perform well despite high volatility.



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Weely NP Strategy – OCT 7 Exp – Updated

Posted by mounddweller on September 30, 2011

Fellow Traders,

I had a few minutes to look through the file.  Below are a few selections I think have merit and warrant further due diligence.



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Weekly NP Strategy – SEP 30 Expiration

Posted by mounddweller on September 22, 2011

Fellow Traders,

Below are the selections from our screen of weekly option which will expire on September 30.  The past couple of days of market turmoil have made it hard to be objective in selecting trades that you can feel confident will expire OTM.  Thus, this week I only have 3 selections out of a total of 119 opportunities..  My selections are not necessarily ones I feel confident will finish OTM.  Rather, they are ones I would feel confident holding no matter what their market price is on September 30.

Best of luck to everyone trading this week.  Be safe out there.



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