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New Scan – Potential Trades (7/11/2010)

Posted by mounddweller on July 11, 2010

I ran a VISIONS Scout scan this afternoon.  I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  As many of you are painfully aware quality stocks meeting Ron’s criteria for selling Covered Calls (CCs) and Naked Puts (NPs) have been few and far between of late.  My scan this afternoon produced a list of 61 stocks that made it to level 4 on the Scout search engine.  Of these 28 had a Gold$ of 80 or higher and 8 had a Gold$ of 100!  A screen print of the those with a Gold$ score >= 80 is presented below.

Two of the 8 with a perfect Gold$ of 100 peaked my interest.  They are EJ and SQM.  Both are foreign companies, EJ is a Chinese real estate company and SQM is a Chilean mining company.  Another Chinese company that caught my eye, GAME, has a Gold$ score of 98.  Last but not least, one of my recent favorites is back on the list and caught my eye.  Gamestop (GME) is well down the list with a Gold$ score of 88 but has a nice looking chart. 

Look at the stocks that caught my eye and the other stocks on the list.  Perhaps you’ll see something I didn’t.  Let me know what looks interesting to you.

Good trading…



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6/27 – New VISIONS Scan

Posted by mounddweller on June 28, 2010

I ran a new VISIONS scan last night and the volume of stocks popping up on the Scout report continues to increase.  This scan returned 134 stocks that met the Level 3 criteria and 19 that met the Level 4 criteria.  It was only a few weeks ago that I was getting ZERO stocks returned by Scout at Level 4.

There are 4 stocks in the Level 4 list that are rated ‘TA’ (take action) and have a Gold$ score = 80.  They are…

(1) Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS (NYSE: TKC)

(2) First Solar (Nasdaq: FSLR)

(3) Chemical & Mining of Chile (NYSE: SQM)

(4) Banco Santander, S.A. (NYSE: STD).

I find it interesting that 3 of the 4 are international stocks listed as ADRs on the NYSE.  Perhaps that’s an indicator that we should be diversifying internationally?  Other ‘TA’  rated stocks further down the list (Gold$ < 80) include: GILD, EJ, MAN, MASI, CEPH, PMCS, KCG, NSR, LOGI, DELL, and YHOO.

Up and comers rated ‘GR’ (get ready) and high on the list include: GAME, NTRS, and PBCT.  Of these, GAME (Shanda Interactive) is the most interesting.  It already has a Gold$ score of 82.  It just needs to get back up in the VISION V and it might make an attractive trade.

Let me know if you find any of these appealing and why.  At first glance none of them jumped out at me as a “must trade” opportunity.



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