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Long-Term Portfolio – Q2 Update

Posted by mounddweller on July 12, 2018

Fellow investors,

I’m late in providing a Q2 update on my long-term portfolio.  Readers will recall this is my portfolio of MLPs and dividend growth stocks.  In Q2 I added one stock to my holdings, a 100 share purchase of Dominion Energy (D) at a net cost of $6,339.95.  I think D is a great addition to my long-term holdings, especially at the bargain price at which I was able to acquire it.  My initial yield on cost (YoC) is a substantial 5.27%.  Better yet, management at Dominion have targeted 10% dividend growth through 2020 followed by a minimum of 5% thereafter.  Consequently, if D’s management successfully reaches their objective, my YoC in 2020 will have grown to a minimum of 6.37%.

Now let’s take a look at what’s been going on with the rest of the portfolio.  Most, but not all, of my holdings have continued to participate in the US stock market’s trending higher.  This has resulted in the total value of my long-term portfolio increasing by 5.7% in the first 6 months of 2018 (after accounting for the acquisition of D).

Several of my holdings announced dividend increases in Q2.  The net effect is my annualized dividends have increased by $816.43, a little over half of which comes from my addition of KMI and D to the portfolio.  My YoC across all of my long-term portfolio increased from 7.52% to 7.63%.

The Long-Term Portfolio tab contains a chart showing all of my holdings and their performance to date.






2 Responses to “Long-Term Portfolio – Q2 Update”

  1. Joe said

    Hello, I stumbled across your wordpress site cos of Options, but I am “Really” interested in knowing more about the real estate investing. Because it appears this website has stopped being updated, I’ll leave it at that for now. But, hopefully, I hear back from you soon. Thank you, Joseph

    • mounddweller said

      Joseph,Yes, sorry I haven’t kept up my blog in the past year or so. I haven’t traded any stock options in over a year. Since retiring a couple of years ago my entire focus has been on building a portfolio of income generating real estate. I primarily invest in commercial real estate via syndications. My holdings include office buildings, apartment complexes, industrial facilities like warehouses, and factories, and some retail strip centers. Perhaps if I get time over the upcoming Christmas and New Years holiday season I will write an update on my wins and losses.

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